Payment on Delivery

POD Form


This is an online shopping option where you can shop through your account on the website and pay upon delivery.

Click the sign-up button above or here.

Please allow for up to 48 hours during the week, however, if applied Friday then you would be added on Monday.

We accept payment via a mobile point of sale terminal (LINX Machine), this is a secure way to accept card payments.

We accept cards with linx logos, debit cards and credit cards.

The minimum balance is $300.00, you will not see the Payment on Delivery Option at the payment page if you are below this amount.

No, we do not accept cash payment. Unless an exception is being made for a rare circumstance.

Yes, you may use your gift card towards payment on delivery orders.

The delivery fee is $30.00 to any location we deliver.

We deliver to most areas; however, we do not deliver past the following locations: La Romain, Maracas, Valencia, and outlying areas.

Due to limited resources, we won’t be able to reach every location in the country also our payment system requires wireless connectivity which may not work well in certain areas.

Unfortunately, this option is not available for our Tobago customers.

You can contact us at to request cancelation.