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  1. Excellent Ways to Keep You Safe… Our Response to Covid-19 - Updated

    Ways to Keep You Safe… Our Response to Covid-19-Updated

    The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt our livelihood, lives, loved ones, businesses and more. Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions, we are faced with no other choice than to close all physical branches until May 23rd, 2021. In an effort to serve you in the safest way possible, here are just a few ways we can help you stay safe!

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  2. 3 Simple Ways to Help Restore Our Earth with Excellent Stores

    Three Simple Ways to Help Restore Our Earth with Excellent Stores Limited

    To commemorate our annual Earth Day on April 22nd, 2021, we have decided to share three simple ways you can help sustain the earth with Excellent Stores!

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  3. 6 Clever Ways to Store Your Masks!

    Ways to Store Mask

    Now that face masks have become part of the items necessary to have before we leave the house, let us help you find a designated spot to easily access them before you leave home!

    No more frantically trying to cover your mouth after walking out the door!

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  4. Excellent Stores expands its B2B offering through new Bonded Warehouse service

    Click & Bonded WarehouseExcellent Stores announces the operationalization of its new Bonded Warehouse service. This new venture marks another step towards expanding its Business to Business (B2B) services and forms a strategic part of the company’s regional Store Optimization and Digital transformation strategy.

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  5. Six Creative Ideas to Celebrate Love at Home

    Finding the perfect spot for a date can be quite tough since you try to find everything about that one place that meets all your expectations then some more. But finding a place during the pandemic- where you can comfortably have a date night can be even tougher!

    We came up with six creative ways that you can safely celebrate love, no more worrying about the pandemic looming over you or - couples at the other table.

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  6. Digital Transformation and Store Optimization Strategy in the New Normal

    Excellent Stores announces that it makes another bold step in its strategic plan towards aggressive integration of technology, both instore and online. ”

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  7. 5 Fast Tips to a Cleaner Home with Bryten

    Say "Hello Clean" with our new line of Bryten Cleaning Supplies. Here's five easy cleaning tips to have your home sparkling throughout 2021 with Bryten.”

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  8. Christmas Show Windows: 2020 Vendor Wars Edition - Winners Reveal

    Christmas Show Windows Winner RevealIt’s time to reveal the Winners of our Christmas Show Windows Competition 2020 Vendor Wars Edition!

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  9. Excellent Stores Beginner’s Guide to Christmas Lights

    Christmas LightsThe most Excellent time of the year is finally here! At Excellent Stores, we are complete enthusiasts for Christmas! And we know our customers are too! Are you one of our customers who will call us in September for our Oncor Montetey Pine Hook 7ft Christmas Trees?
    Did you call us asking for wreathsThe bigger the better! Or are you crazed about lights? We bet you love Christmas a whole watt. Aha

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  10. Disrupting Retail, Technology closes one door but opens others

    Click & Collect DeskIn August 2020, Excellent Stores made a bold decision amidst a pandemic to convert the Arima branch location, a 9000 square foot store to a third of its size,  making it the Company’s first  Click & Collect Express Centre, where customers could easily collect their online orders and shop for essentials.

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