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Coral Lines Mat 24x36in

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The 24x36inch Coral Lines Mat is a fantastic outdoor mat for the front door, back door, gallery, patio, and deck.

Made from natural coir fibres which effectively traps dirt, soil, and mud from shoes. Durable and long-lasting, this mat provides great protection to flooring and is especially suited for high traffic areas.

This mat is absorbent and quick to dry, which prevents mildew from forming. Manufactured with a sturdy rubber backing that adds traction to slippery surfaces, providing extra grip, stability and safety.

This mat is easy to maintain, simply shake well to remove excess dirt. Enjoy the style and functionality of the Coral Lines Mat!


  • • Size: 24x36 inches
  • • Material Composition: Coir & Back Rubber
  • • Care Labelling: Shake Well
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