Agra Rugs Stripe Brown/Black 60x120cm


Agra Rugs Solid Red 60x120cm

Agra Rugs Stripe Brown/Beige 60x120cm

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The 60x120cm Agra Rugs Stripe Brown/Beige is an excellent rug to add style, texture, warmth, and functionality to your living space.

This is a thick rug made of premium quality jute material which will protect your flooring by providing a thick barrier between the floor and foot traffic. Jute holds up to wear and tear, which makes this a great investment piece that will last a long time.

Designed with neutral brown and beige stripes which fits well with almost any décor. Thick, soft, and comfortable, this is the perfect mat to keep you warm and relaxed. It’s great for children’s playtime and pet-friendly. It is low-maintenance, simply vacuum clean or sport treat as needed.

The Agra Rugs have it all! Get yourself a rug that is affordable, durable, stylish and practical!


  • • Size: 60x120cm
  • • Colour: Brown/Beige
  • • Material Composition: Jute
  • • Care Labelling: Vacuum Cleaning
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