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Agra Rugs Solid Red 60x120cm

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The 60x120cm Agra Rugs Solid Red is an excellent rug to add style, texture, warmth, and functionality to your living space.

This is a thick rug made of premium quality jute material which will protect your flooring by providing a thick barrier between the floor and foot traffic. Jute holds up to wear and tear, which makes this a great investment piece that will last a long time.

Designed in vibrant red that will add a bold splash of colour to any room. Thick, soft, and comfortable, this is the perfect mat to keep you warm and relaxed. It’s great for children’s playtime and pet-friendly. It is low-maintenance, simply vacuum clean or sport treat as needed.

The Agra Rugs have it all! Get yourself a rug that is affordable, durable, stylish and practical!


  • • Size: 60x120cm
  • • Colour: Red
  • • Material Composition: Jute
  • • Care Labelling: Vacuum Cleaning
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